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DIAMINE Shimmering Night Sky Fountain Pen Ink


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Diamine Shimmering Fountain Pen Ink, Night Sky  , 50 ml

Founded by T Webster & Co in London in 1864, Diamine Ink are now one of the last remaining manufacturers based in the UK. In 1925, Diamine Ink relocated to Liverpool where they built a state-of-the-art production factory. Despite many changes to it's ownership, Diamine Ink have been manufacturing high quality ink for over 80 years, and their traditional production methods have survived all this time. Diamine Ink remains to be the ink of choice amongst many fountain pen users.

Diamine Ink is also a manufacturer of registrar's ink- an ink that is suitable for official documents and permanent records- guaranteed to last many hundreds of years. 

At such great value and quality, Diamine inks are perfect for any fountain pen!

Product Features:
  • Water-Based ink
  • Non-toxic
  • 50ml bottled ink
  • Contains metallic particles that will make your writing "shimmer" - Safe to use in any fountain pen

Made in U.K.



Very cool shimmering ink!

I was looking for a less flashy "working" ink and this is it - its a black to grey black that only shows its shimmering secret under certain light - and when it does its amazing. In sunlight its almost an embarrassing amount of sheen and silver sparkle. Under single source light you have to catch it at the correct angle. But under normal light and regular reading you would hardly know it is a shimmering ink.
Highly recommended!

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    DIAMINE Shimmering Night Sky Fountain Pen Ink

    DIAMINE Shimmering Night Sky Fountain Pen Ink

    SHIMMER-TASTIC l Night Sky