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KWZ Iron Gall Ink - IG Mandarin


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KWZ Ink | Iron Gall Ink

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Iron Gall orange/yellow ink from KWZ -  IG Mandarin

60ml glass bottles - Handmade in Poland

Iron-gall series, light resist, waterproof ink for fountain pen.

Iron-gall ink formula has been used by human for over thousand years.

It was the main stream of ink until mid twelve century.

Mostly being used in important media such as books, sheepskin. They can still be found on many ancient script. The historical background make it extremely special.

The old iron-gall formula ink were acidic and mostly be used with dip pen, need to be cleaned each time after use. Also it is erosive in nature and not suitable for fountain pen in certain sense.

Mr Konrad Żurawski founder of KWZ Poland who is a chemist from Warsaw University of Technology enthuses in fountain pen ink. 

He has improved the ancient iron-gall formula, make it to become safe for fountain pen and successfully bring back this exceptional, historical formula back the us and able to keep the character such as light resist, waterproof of the ink at the same time.


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KWZ Iron Gall Ink - IG Mandarin

KWZ Iron Gall Ink - IG Mandarin

KWZ Ink | Iron Gall Ink